Presentation of my course ;-)

This course includes
- important expressions that can be applied and developed to multiple situations and expressions are presented.
- solution to the problem that it is not easy to find the right materials to study Japanese effectively, and 
- handyness that you can study anywhere with you phone in a small pocket of time 
and allocate the pace according to your own needs.

This is the learning method reputed to be developed for training spies to learn a new language.
This online course uses this method to train your brain to use a new language.
Listen, read aloud, and understand all the sample sentences in this material until you get to say them in the air.
Make the expression your own.

Are you feeling that you can not progress more?

・ I'm interested in Japanese, but I don't know what to start with.
・ I am busy, so I want to learn Japanese efficiently.
・ I need Japanese to study there and work, but I do not feel that I am improving.
・ I studied Japanese grammar, but when I hear it, I do not understand what was said.
・ When I try to speak Japanese, it doesn't come out so easily.
・ Since my brain always translates Japanese to my language, it takes time to speak it, and thus I hesitate to use my Japanese.

What is “Learn Japanese Express!” course?

How can you actually learn Japanese efficiently while you are busy working or studying nother subject?
From the day I decided to go to Denmark, I read a Danish text book written in English in the train from home to work and listened to the sample sentences with a cassette tape that does not exist any longer. I sighed secretly wondering whether one day I understand what was said from a series of sounds that I could only hear as "Boabwagua".
But about half a year after I came to Denmark, I already had a conversation with Danish people in Danish. And now, I am fluent in Japanese, English and Danish and work as an interpreter for international companies, politicians and managers. How did I get to speak Danish only six months after I came to Denmark and come to work as a professional interpreter?
Shortly after I came to Denmark, I started to go to the toughest, fastest and most reputed Danish school in Copenhagen.
At that school, 10 Danish sample sentences were given each time, and at the next lecture, we had to say them in the air, when the teacher said the underlined words in the sentence. We had to repeat that training three times a week.
If we took a day off more than once, or if I made a mistake more than 3 times in 1 lecture, we had to automatically repeat the class again. So every school day was a tense for every student. But being Japanese, that sort of strict training was not so new, and I never failed a class.
It was actually a training of our brain to start using the new language. An adult’s brain usually stiff enough to block a new language to be activated, so the school’s method was to actively implant Danish idiomatic expressions and grammar as patterns to our head.
By the time I finished the school, my teacher told us that she counted and found out that we had made more than one thousand idiomatic expressions and essential grammar ourselves.
And six months after I came to Denmark, I was already able to speak Danish with Danish people. Just between you and me, people around me that time were often very surprised by the fact that I communicated with them in Danish only after 6 months.
Rumor said that the school's method was originally a "strategy" developed by the military of a certain country to train spies and to master foreign languages most efficiently.
To my surprise, the school was closed due to some financial problems a few years after I graduated, and now even in Denmark, this method, which I believe is probably the most efficient way to learn a new language, is discontinued.
Almost 20 years have passed since then, and the number of people studying in Japan and staying as working holiday maker or expat has increased.
Thanks to the media which have introduced Japan’s long tradition, unique culture, adorable nature, and modern aspects, the number of people who have visit or have some interest or association with Japan has increased.
So I decided to deliver the language learning method, which I made to talk in Danish in half a year with and which no longer exists even in the school which developed, as an online teaching program, so that people like me that time with basically no time can learn Japanese effectively not depending where they are.

The learning method, which is believed to be developed to train spies

This is one of the fastest language learning method with which I have mastered a new language within half a year
The teaching material to make it possible to learn Japanese online
"Learn Japanese express!”
The "Learn Japanese express!" introduces 100 idiomatic expressions and 50 essential grammars with explanation and audio. If you listen to the most commonly used Japanese expressions and the grammar essential for learning Japanese many times, read aloud, and train yourself to make them your own, you will be able to express yourself in Japanese and have conversations in Japanese. Enjoy learning!
I repeat, because it is very important. Listen, read aloud, and understand all the sample sentences in this material until you can say them in the air.
This is the only and notably most efficient online learning method of Japanese that you can no longer learn anywhere else, developed for training spies.
By making sample sentences your own, you will be able to recognize the expressions in the sample sentences in actual conversations, and use them yourself. If you keep this and accumulate your expressions, you will be able to understand what others say in Japanese and express what you want to say to them in Japanese.
Learn Japanese efficiently with the best learning method for busy learners. You can use this course with your PC, tablet, and mobile phone whenever you have small pockets of time.

It is hard to keep up…

Actually, the school I attended was Sparta.
As a result, I was able to learn Danish efficiently by trying to catch up with what was required at each lecture.
However, it is difficult to continue learning on your own because it is difficult to understand what you need to do and how much you need to do. In addition, it is actually difficult to keep up your motivation.
Being self-learners of Japanese, you need a tool to tell you what you should do now and what kind of results you will get. You need something that will help you pace your learning.
You need teaching materials that will serve as a pacemaker to accompany you.
The strongest teaching material to make sure your acquisition of Japanese
I have given various advices to help you overcome such barriers, but I came to one conclusion.
Since it does not exist anywhere else, I should make it.
I made “Learn Japanese express!” to solve the above problems.
I sincerely hope that you will soon start using this course to give you a clear direction on what you need to master Japanese as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to your application to “Learn Japanese express!”.
Best regards,
Yoko Winther

Yoko Winther photo

"Kon-nichiwa (Hi)", I’m Yoko!

I made this course to make the path from starting conversation in Japanese to understanding each other in depth using Japanese shortest as possible for busy learners like you
by presenting 100 most frequently used daily expressions and 50 sentences to grasp grammar.
I truly hope that you utilize this course and get the feeling of what we are talking about, and that your words got through to us.
This is the course to get you to our hearts. Japanese people and culture are a lot more interesting seeing from inside.
I can assure you!

Best regards,
Yoko Winther

Learn Japanese as fast as possible!

If you wish to know Japanese people and culture in depth, at one point, it will be necessary for you to learn Japanese.

But we are all busy with other assignements and it should be easy and fun to learn something new!

This course is made for those who have decided to try learning Japanese to widen your world and want to have the most effective way to learn Japanase to come out of Lost in Translation...!

This course has 2 sub-courses.

The first part is for the beginners and for those who want to get the most useful expressions to have a quick access to grasp what Japanese people around you are talking and to make your message and needs understood by presenting most frequently used daily expressions.

The second part is for those who have completed the first course and those who know many short and frequently used expressions to learn the structure of Japanese launguage and to be able to build the sentences to express what you wish to say in Japanese and make conversation in Japanse in depth.

All in all, this course is for both busy freshers who would like to enjoy light interaction with Japanese people and serious and advanced learners who would like to take every step to have grammer and terminology their own things.

I truly hope that you utilize this course and get the feeling of what we are talking about, and that your words get through to us.

This is the course to get you to our hearts. Japanese people and culture are a lot more interesting seeing from inside.

I can assure you.

Best regards,
Yoko Winther

What kind of course (method) is this?

It has the following features!
Important expressions that can be applied and developed to multiple situations and expressions are presented.
The problem of lack of materials and tools has been solved.
Even if you don't have time, you can study in a small pocket of time.
You can study with just one smartphone, tablet, or PC.
You can allocate the pace according to your own needs.
former student's voice

Former student's voice

I found this course very effective, as all the sentences are what people are using in real situation in Japan. I found people were very friendly and helpful in Japan, and they became so happy, when I tried to use some expressions in the course.
From there communication with local people got even better and easier, as people seemed to be relaxed knowing that I can understand what they said. By using the sample sentences presented in the course, I could make myself understand and communicate with local people.